Jessie’s Mobile Dog Grooming is based in Tilehurst, Reading. I am City & Guilds qualified, Level 3, a qualified canine first aider and resuscitator and have 12 years experience. I regularly attend seminars and training days to keep my skills and knowledge up to date.

We come to you, offering a friendly and professional grooming service on your doorstep saving you time and money in fuel costs travelling to and from the grooming parlour.

Your dog will be groomed on 1-2-1 basis and not in the company of other stressed or anxious dogs.

We will only use hand dryers on your dog and they will never be placed in a cage for drying.

I also offer teeth cleaning using the Cleany Teeth System.

Services Include:

  • Full grooming
  • Hydrobathing
  • Drying
  • Clipping
  • Scissoring
  • Ear and eye cleaning
  • Nail clipping
  • Teeth Cleaning

My new van is luxurious but practical mobile salon, with all the latest mod cons including:

  • Instant fresh hot water and heating provided by a Webasto Diesel Heater with Anti-frost thermostat to keep your salon warm overnight if there’s a frost.
  • Chrome Wall-mounted Heated Towel rail to dry wet towels
  • A Heated Airing cupboard to keep fresh towels warm.
  • Wet Pets Revolutionary 25mm 100% waterproof fully insulated vehicle lining including rear and side doors – helping to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer with a fabulous texture free white gloss finish for easy cleaning.
  • 1 Electric air vent over the bath for instant steam removal on extract setting, or suck fresh air in on the intake setting for a gentle cool breeze in warm weather, fully adjustable vents for directional control.
  • A wall mounted Double K Blaster.Highly regarded as the best Blaster on the market with unbeatable power and lasting quality.
  • A front opening New! CE APPROVED Redcape Hydro Speed Spa Hydrobath with adjustable shower head pressure and external digital thermostat for easy instant temperature adjustment.
  • A 250-litre fresh water tank & plumbing in rear of vehicle, so no need to EVER recirculate water

Why Grooming is Important

A dog will feel uncomfortable when he is dirty, his hair is unkept or matted and he smells! But grooming is more than just having him look and feel good, it’s vital for his health. Its more than just a bath – it includes brushing, combing, keeping his eyes, ears and teeth clean, clipping his nails and keeping him in top shape. Bathing and grooming can also help when he is shedding so you have less dog hair everywhere.

When your dog is clean you want her around more so you can bond and enjoy each others company. Yes she loves to play in dirt and roll in the stinky stuff but she also enjoys being clean just like you! Ungroomed dogs are more likely to be infected by internal and external parasites – fleas and ticks  – and bring them into the house and onto the furniture and carpets and possibly you! Dirty dogs track dirt into your home.