Corona Virus Procedures


Dear Customer

I am writing to let you know about some precautions Jessie’s Mobile Dog Grooming is taking in order to prevent putting our clients and their families at risk of contracting coronavirus. Please read and follow the instructions laid out below and get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

  • If you are self-isolating, please contact us to cancel your appointment. Whilst we are fully booked, we anticipate slots becoming available and will get back in touch after your isolation period ends to re-book.
  • When we arrive please ensure access to power is accessible without us needing to come within two metres, to ensure we are following social distancing recommendations.
  • If the power lead needs to feed through a window, please open the window and step back. I will feed the plug through for you to plug in. Please wash your hands immediately after plugging in (for 20 seconds, equivalent to singing Happy Birthday to yourself twice!)
  • If the power lead needs to feed through a door, we will leave the plug by the door for you to plug in. Again, please wash your hands immediately after plugging in.
  • I will use an extended slip lead to collect your dog from you. I will leave the slip lead for you to put around your dog’s neck so we can maintain the two metres ‘safe distance’. If you are unsure how this is going to work don’t worry, I will be able to explain from a distance.
  • I will then take your dog and put him/her straight into the bath to be washed, along with the lead.
  • When the groom is completed, we will knock the door and again use the extended lead method to return your dog.
  • Please then take your dog inside and prevent him/her from escaping.
  • I will then need to retrieve the plug, if coming through a window feed it through plug first or leave it in front of your door and keep your distance.
  • As we know the virus can live on any surface for several hours, including paper, so we urge you to make payment via online transfer
    Jessie’s Grooming
    Account No. 99130505
    Sort Code 60 17 21
  • Booking for the next appointment can be done from a two metre distance.
  • Sadly, I won’t be able to come into your homes use your facilities or accept cups of tea

Whilst these measures may seem extreme, please understand that we care for you and your pets’ health and safety and believe following these simple procedures will help us minimise any risk of spreading the virus.

With regards to cleaning and sterilisation of the van and equipment I would like to reassure you that as normal all surfaces are disinfected between grooms, all equipment is cleaned after each use and a clean fresh towel is used for every dog. In addition to this we are now sterilising the plug, cable real, door handles, safety gate handles and I have hand sanitiser to use before I get back in the front cab.
Kindest Regards